fischer for the first time at Fastener Fair

Professional service for trade and crafts

Waldachtal, February 22, 2011 --- The fischer group of companies, Waldachtal/Germany presents itself 2011 in Stuttgart for the first time at Fastener Fair, the International Exhibition for Fastener and Fixing Technology.

In the foreground of the fair performance fischer presents its powerful injection systems and spaced fixing solutions for composite thermal insulation systems. The screw range, fixings made of steel and nylon such us the Samontec System, fischer’s fixing range for ventilation, heating, air-conditioning and water systems show further highlights. The company will also show its unique range of services for trade and craftsmen.


Approved high-performance resins for all building materials

fischer injection resins and the accompanying extensive range of extras and accessories are designed for universal use and offer a wide variety of different applications in all substrates. The fischer FHB II Highbond anchor is the world’s first resin anchor approved for the tensile zone for cartridges and injection systems for extreme loads in cracked concrete. The resin cartridge FHB II-PF hardens up to 90% faster than the best rival system. Just two minutes are enough for the resin to harden 100% at a temperature of 21°C.

The FIS EM is the ideal choice when it comes to flexible anchoring depths in cracked concrete and in post-installed reinforcement links. The fischer FIS V and FIS VW high-performance resins deliver a wide spectrum of uses with official construction approval in uncracked concrete and masonry.

The fischer Thermax product family is a product innovation suitable for universal fixings without thermal bridges of heavy loads such as awnings, winter gardens and roofs on outside walls in composite thermal insulation systems (CTIS).

Power Fast screws making work easier

The range of screws offered by fischer is especially suitable for chipboard, timber constructions, wooden facades, floor boards, decks, posts and rapid assembly. The screw-in torque of the Power Fast screw is so low that it outperforms all similar products in terms of speed and convenience.

Installationsraster SaMontec

The SaMontec System is fischer’s fixing range for ventilation, heating, air-conditioning and water systems. It offers optimum solutions for laying pipes, cables, data communication and mains supply connections. One example is the highly-flexible fischer installation grid which functions in a modular way, is economical and extremely easy to install, mainly in production buildings.

Professional service

A team of highly qualified field technicians advises craftsmen and specialist traders individually and on site. The hotline of fischer’s Application Engineering division offers customers fast and professional help in all fixing and anchoring issues. The design programs COMPUFIX, RAILFIX and REBARFIX developed by fischer are available free. And fischer’s Technical Handbooks are classic reference books for general and special applications in earthquake zones, for fire protection, under extreme weather conditions and numerous other applications. Another unique service is the fischer AKADEMIE. Traders, dealers and craftsmen call at the customer centre at the Tumlingen headquarters and worldwide to be instructed thoroughly and with hands-on in selling, marketing and using fischer products and their wide range of uses.



  • 12 May 2015

    Anchor Volume Estimator

    This app quickly calculates the number of cartridges of  Anchoring Adhesive necessary to complete your specific installation.

  • 03 Jan 2014

    Professional brickwork restoration

    The VBS-M is approved for application in the brick center as well in the mortar joints of the brickwork. It is especially suitable for restoration in which the insulation system is post applied to the brickwork.

  • 03 Jan 2014

    Without the need to clean out

    The advantages of this innovation have direct and practical effects on the craftsmen's work: as much as 40 percent less time from setting the drill hole to setting the anchor