fischer FIS H K anchor sleeve saves mortar

Stability in masonry

If high loads need to be set in masonry, the fischer FIS V injection system offers a reliable fixing solution. The new FIS H K anchor sleeve with official construction approval provides a firm grip in masonry and in particulate porous aircrete. When set in masonry, the optimised anchor sleeve requires up to 80 percent less mortar than similar systems.

The sleeve-type perforated anchor sleeve shows its true strength in its ease of handling on the building site. The small centering blades of the anchor sleeve fix the anchor stud in place and allow the use of a wide variety of different anchor stud sizes. For anchor sleeves with a length exceeding 85 mm, a plaster bridge of 20 mm is permitted under the approval. The thin-walled rim of the anchor sleeve prevents the stud from slipping deeper into the drill hole and covers the drill hole.

The improved geometry of the anchor sleeve also optimises the load introduction into the masonry. Small barbs hold the anchor sleeve firmly inside the drill hole and allow the easy overhead installation.

When it comes to anchorings in hollow and perforated bricks, the anchor sleeve creates a perfect formlock between the anchor stud and the building material. When turning in the anchor stud, the injection mortar is squeezed through the perforated anchor sleeve like through a screen, creating the link to the building material.

The new injection mortar sleeve replaces the previous anchor sleeve of the product range made of metal (with general construction approval) and plastic. This makes the selection of the suitable anchor sleeve and stock management a great deal easier. The new FIS A anchor stud range also offers substantially more effective lengths.The new anchor sleeve also allows the officially approved use of anchor studs in the sizes M6 to M12, and internal thread sleeves of the sizes M6 to M12.

Besides the general construction approval for masonry, particulate porous aircrete and standard aircrete, the fischer injection system is also generally approved for the subsequent fixing of mortared-in reinforcement bars and the remedial wall tie improvement of double shell masonry.



  • 12 May 2015

    Anchor Volume Estimator

    This app quickly calculates the number of cartridges of  Anchoring Adhesive necessary to complete your specific installation.

  • 03 Jan 2014

    Professional brickwork restoration

    The VBS-M is approved for application in the brick center as well in the mortar joints of the brickwork. It is especially suitable for restoration in which the insulation system is post applied to the brickwork.

  • 03 Jan 2014

    Without the need to clean out

    The advantages of this innovation have direct and practical effects on the craftsmen's work: as much as 40 percent less time from setting the drill hole to setting the anchor