JCP adds to to range

 A new two Part 3:1 ratio epoxy injection resin has been added to the JCP Construction Products bonded anchor range.


 JCP explains that the side by side tube is designed to fit into 3:1 ratio applicators including the hilti MD2000 giving a versatile application method which saves the user the added epense of a new applicator tool. The JF375 epoxy resin systém is suitable for installation of rebar, threaded studs and internal threaded sockets into concrete, hard natural stone, solid rock and hard masonry. As side by side application systemthe epoxy resin has a shelf life of up to 24 months when stored in accordance with the manufacturer`s instructions.



  • 12 May 2015

    Anchor Volume Estimator

    This app quickly calculates the number of cartridges of  Anchoring Adhesive necessary to complete your specific installation.

  • 03 Jan 2014

    Professional brickwork restoration

    The VBS-M is approved for application in the brick center as well in the mortar joints of the brickwork. It is especially suitable for restoration in which the insulation system is post applied to the brickwork.

  • 03 Jan 2014

    Without the need to clean out

    The advantages of this innovation have direct and practical effects on the craftsmen's work: as much as 40 percent less time from setting the drill hole to setting the anchor