Safe anchoring to existing concrete

 Fischer now offers two special systems which, it says, makes the installation o post installed rebar a straightforward procces and opens up new opportunities for structural engineers.


 The first system is the original fischer injection Mortar systém FIS V, a high-performance vinylester hybrid mortar and the second systém is the latest combination of injection mortar systém FIS EM, epoxy mortar with rebar anchor FRA. The systém have European Technical Approval and General Construction Approval by the Deutches Institut fur Bautechnik. Based on best preformance epoxy resin mortar the FIS EM is suitable for rebars up to 40mm and the FRA anchor. Fischer explains that the rebar anchor FRA has been designed especialy for extreme tension load, which can`t be transmitted to the concrete element by conventional anchors. The FRA is composed of rebar connected to a stainless steel threaded rod by friction which makes it suitable for outdoor use and allows extremely high tensile load.


 For the day to day calculations of engineers, fischer offers an efficient way to design post installed reinforcement into concrete of concrete structures – Rebarfix 3.0. fischer Rebarfix offers with its multifunctional product selection, options such as connecting post installed rebar in steel quality BSt 500, using overlapping, designing end-anchorage or the fischer Rebar Anchor FRA.


 The main interface of the program, in Windows Vista Layout, is based on years of experience with technical software in the construction industry and allows its very user friendly handling without time-consuming training. There are special application requirements for the site staff, the responsible construction management and the executing company . These requirements are in addition to the regular working process on the construction site and regulated in the approvals for post installed rebar.



  • 12 May 2015

    Anchor Volume Estimator

    This app quickly calculates the number of cartridges of  Anchoring Adhesive necessary to complete your specific installation.

  • 03 Jan 2014

    Professional brickwork restoration

    The VBS-M is approved for application in the brick center as well in the mortar joints of the brickwork. It is especially suitable for restoration in which the insulation system is post applied to the brickwork.

  • 03 Jan 2014

    Without the need to clean out

    The advantages of this innovation have direct and practical effects on the craftsmen's work: as much as 40 percent less time from setting the drill hole to setting the anchor